Nokia 9000 Communicator

Type: RAE-1N

WOW Factor: The earliest smartphone on the market

Evaluation in my collection: Great 9.5/10

Life timer: N/A  |  Boxed: NO

Release Year: 1996  |  Release Price: ~1000 USD

About: The Nokia 9000 Communicator was the first product in Nokia’s Communicator series, announced at CeBIT 1996 and introduced into the market on 15 August 1996.The phone was large and heavy at 397 grams (14.0 oz)[2] but powerful at the time. It is powered by an Intel 24 MHz i386 CPU and has 8 MB of memory, which is divided between applications (4 MB), program memory (2 MB) and user data (2 MB).The operating system is PEN/GEOS 3.0. The Communicator is one of the earliest smartphones on the market,after the IBM Simon in 1994 and the HP OmniGo 700LX, a DOS-based palmtop PC with integrated cradle for the Nokia 2110 cellular phone, announced in late 1995 and shipped in March 1996.
It was highly advanced, featuring sending and receiving e-mail and fax via its 9.6 kbit/s GSM modem, and it also had a web browser and business programs. The Communicator is formed of a clamshell design that opens up to reveal a monochrome LCD display with a 640×200 resolution and a full QWERTY keyboard similar to a Psion PDA.[2] It was priced ?1,000 in the UK upon launch. Then-CEO of Nokia, Jorma Ollila, said in 2012 regarding the device: “We were five years ahead.”

Reviews when released: N/A

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2 batteries, 2 chargers, 1 auto charger and 2 more for spare parts