Nokia 8910i

Type: NHM-4NX

Evaluation in my collection: Good- 8/10

Nokia Codename: Demi

Life timer: 240h  |  Boxed: NO

Release Year: 2003  |  Release Price: ~650 USD

About: Nokia 8910 became very popular due to a high price, unusual opening and titan exterior. A revised model ? Nokia 8910i is also rather successful. It differs from its predecessor in color of the phone (now it has only one black color) and availability of color screen. Like the other models from this phone line, a new display is capable to support only 4096 color. The other important difference is Java applications support.

The phone measures 103 ? 140.5 x 46 x 20 mm, it can be comfortably worn in the pockets or a hostel. The handset weighs 112 grams, what is a little bit heavier than the weight of the standard phone. On the other hand, titan exterior, which increases the phone?s weight, absorbs shocks and protects hardware. Scratches can?t be noticed on this phone even within the time; the color is not changed. To open the phone, press 2 side keys simultaneously and main part of the phone would be slid.

Reviews when released: Mobile Review

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Few wear signs.