Nokia 6800

Type: NHL-6

WOW Factor: The first Nokia phone with fold-out QWERTY keyboard

Evaluation in my collection: Great – 9.5/10

Life timer: 66h  |  Boxed: NO

Release Year: 2002  |  Release Price: ~500 EUR

About: The Nokia 6800 series are a selection of Nokia Series 68 phones with an unusual fold-out QWERTY keyboard. This type of keyboard is also used in the more recent Nokia Series 60 Symbian-based Nokia E70. These phones were marketed as “messaging devices”: all had built-in email clients, and some had BlackBerry support.
The 6800 and 6810 had four electrical contacts at the very top of the phone for the left side of the keyboard and another four just under the screen for when the regular 12-key numeric keypad was being used. A small magnet was built into the left side of the keyboard and the phones would switch to landscape mode as soon as this was lifted up. The 6800 was the first in the series and was a dual-band GSM 900/1800 phone with support for GPRS. The 6800 had an FM radio tuner and 5MB of memory. It was announced on 4 November 2002.

Reviews when released: Mobile Review

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