Nokia 8600 Luna

Type: RM-164

Evaluation in my collection: Great – 9.5/10

Nokia Codename: Luna

Life timer: 9h  |  Boxed: NO

Release Year: 2007  |  Release Price: ~700 EUR

About: Like previous luxury Nokia models, the Luna is largely encased by its stainless steel chassis but has one important difference: the slider is made from semi-opaque smoked glass that leaves the keypad to glow through, rather ethereally. It glides open with a smooth slide-action, and closes with a reassuring click.

Two long loudspeaker grills add to the overall impression of luxury, and little else is allowed to clutter the edges of the handset save for the microUSB port. This is used for the charger, data cable and stereo headset, conveniently ridding the need for extra connections.

Opening the handset reveals a decent-sized keypad, larger than its predecessor and plenty big enough for man-sized digits, although the lower row is a bit close set to the slider for comfort. Nokia users will be immediately familiar with the standard layout of the Series 40 graphic interface and four-way navigational pad, but will have to have fairly good eyesight as the default font is rather small

Reviews when released: Tech Radar

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