Ericsson A2618s

Type: 2618

Evaluation in my collection: BNIB – 10/10

Life timer: 0m  |  Boxed: YES

Release Year: 2000  |  Release Price: N/A

About: Ericsson A2618 offers WAP and SMS technology, it becomes the fourth Ericsson mobile phone with WAP function (the other belongs to MC218, R320 and R380).

Based on a new platform ?Michelle?, it features a sensuous ?S-curve? design and contains the latest developments in software and functionality.

The address book could store up to 100 telephone numbers and associated names in the phone?s memory with voice activated dialling and short cut keypad dialling for the first 9 entries. The call lists recorded the last 20 dialled, answered or missed calls.

The A2618s included time and date functions, an alarm clock, a stop watch, call timers and basic function calculator. It could also send and receive SMS text messages and allowed levels of personalisation by selecting from a range of pre-loaded ring tone melodies, by composing your own ring tone and by changing the external covers.

Three games were also provided on the phone, Tetris, Erix and E-Maze. Finally, limited Internet access was provided to mobile services using the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) over an SMS bearer.

Reviews when released: Ericssoners

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