Siemens CF62

Type: CF62

Evaluation in my collection: Great- 9/10

Life timer: N/A  |  Boxed: NO

Release Year: 2004  |  Release Price: ~150 USD

About: Siemens is not very strong in the clamshell phone segment, its first product, clamshell CL50 was accepted more than just cold by the consumers. The next product ? CL55 did not even reach the market, this ODM-model was silently cancelled in the first quarter of year 2004. That?s why it was pretty useless to expect warm feedback from the consumers for the CF62 phone, it undeservedly lost attention by consumers who considered this phone another asian model. The irony is that this time Siemens had developed the model by itself and did it with their best traditions. After a long break Siemens introduced successful model, which has slipped out of consumer?s sight due to previous failures. I?d like to make a note here, that by saying successful model you should not expect maximal functionality, you will not find it here, but try looking for match of functions and segment ? and you will find it, it is new generation of what Siemens M55 was for its time, by the way CF62 is the clone of this model.

Reviews when released: Mobile Review

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