Alcatel One Touch Com

Type: HD3

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Evaluation in my collection: Good- 8.5/10


Life timer: N/A  |  Boxed: NO

Release Year: 1997  |  Release Price:

About: The year is 1997. Nokia has just brought out the “Matrix cell phone” 8110, the Communicator is said to be another 3 years away. At Siemens you get either the S6 cooking spoon or the S10 with a three-color display. Ericsson has nothing to do with Sony yet, and the GF768 had to – and could – live with a single-line display. Until then, Alcatel was best known for the super cheap One Touch Easy series, but is now launching the One Touch Com. Alternatively, you can also order it from Sharp in the form of the identical MC-G1.

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YES but has a phone code

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Requires a phone code that I don't know. Takes GSM signal, seems to be ok