Nokia 8810

The first Nokia phone with internal antenna

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  • Nokia 8810

    WOW Factor: The first Nokia phone with internal antenna, The first Nokia Luxury phone.

    Evaluation in my collection: Brand New Swap – 10/10

    Life timer: N/A  |  Boxed: NO

    Release Year: 1998  |  Release Price: ~1800 USD

    About: In 1998, the Nokia 8810 was considered a luxury phone. This was due to the sleek new design the 8810 presented. It had no external whip or stub antenna, which was unusual for the time.Instead, it featured an internal antenna, which allowed the phone to be stored in a pocket upside down.Nokia invested hundreds of man hours into research on how people hold their phones for calls; this allowed them to place the antenna accordingly.The 8810 is tapered and weighted to encourage users to hold it below the antenna, minimizing interference. However, this also led to a poorer signal reception compared to an external antenna, which meant battery life was reduced. It was encased entirely in plastic parts; this case would slide down to reveal the keypad. This new appearance, in particular the lack of an external antenna, meant the 8810 had a desirable advantage over its competitors and enjoyed moderate success.The choice to make the antenna internal had a negative effect on battery life, but Nokia felt this was an acceptable tradeoff for getting rid of the external antenna.The design of the phone also made it particularly popular following its release. Unlike most other phones in the market at the time, the Nokia 8810 featured a chrome metal finish as well as a pull down metal slide which covered the keypad and kept it clean. Nokia claimed to prioritize antenna performance over physical design if they were ever in conflict.It was designed to be the flagship and the most luxurious of all Nokia phones at the time, and also one of the first phones with chrome plating.

    Reviews when released: N/A

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