Nokia 7200

The first Nokia clamshell form-factor phone

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  • Nokia 7200

    WOW Factor: The first Nokia clamshell form-factor phone

    Evaluation in my collection: Great -9 /10

    Nokia Codename: Sirius

    Life timer: 101h  |  Boxed: NO

    Release Year: 2004  |  Release Price: ~450USD

    About: Nokia was one of the last companies that had started producing mobile phones in clamshell form-factor, the company?s first model in this design style is Nokia 7200. The model?s index (7xxx) is not a fortuity, 7xxx series was always an experiment for the company as well as latest fashion phones. Take Nokia 7110 for example, this mobile phone gathered all the best parts from earlier models. In case with first clamshell, everything is not so unambiguously, this development is just an answer to Samsung?s expansion in Europe with its products. Just like any other answer, this phone was created with all existing solutions taken in mind, including the already well-known Series 40 platform.

    Reviews when released: Mobile Review

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