Sony Ericsson T68i

Type: T68i

WOW Factor: The first Ericsson phone with a colour display

Evaluation in my collection: Great 9.8/10

Life timer: N/A  |  Boxed: NO

Release Year: 2001  |  Release Price: ~500 EUR

About: The Ericsson T68m (often called simply T68) was a candy-bar style mobile phone by Ericsson Mobile Communications. Launched in time for the 2001 Christmas season, the T68 was the first Ericsson mobile phone to have a colour screen, a passive LCD-STN with a resolution of 101?80 and 256 colours. Despite its diminute size (3.94?1.89?0.79 in or 100?48?20 mm, 2.96 oz or 84 g), it was one of the most feature-rich mobile phones at the time, with Bluetooth, IrDA port, GPRS 3+1, tri-band compatibility (900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz), SMS with T9 (predictive text), EMS, WAP, and customizable monophonic ring tones. A simple bitmap image editor was provided, allowing the creation of monochrome pictures by guiding a cursor around the canvas and setting or unsetting individual pixels (several ‘brush’ sizes were selectable to make this easier). These images could be set as the phone’s background image in standby mode, and sent to owners of EMS-compliant phones. With EMS soon to be succeeded by the superior MMS, few owners made much use of this feature. At its release, the phone cost around ? 500, GBP299 in the UK, in either two-tone grey or all-gold.

Reviews when released: Mobile Review

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