Nokia 6110 D2 Platinum

Type: NSE-3NX_D

WOW Factor: The first GSM phone to use an ARM processor, The first Nokia phone with the Snake game pre-installed

Evaluation in my collection: Good 9/10

Life timer: N/A  |  Boxed: NO

Release Year: 1997  |  Release Price: N/A

About: The Nokia 6110 was a GSM mobile phone from Nokia announced on 18 December 1997 and released in 1998. It is not to be confused with the newer Nokia 6110 Navigator. It was a hugely popular follower of the Nokia 2110, and the first of the many Nokia 6xxx series business-targeted phones. Main improvements over the 2110 were reduced size and improved talk time. It was the first GSM phone to use an ARM processor,as well as the very first running on Nokia’s Series 20 user interface.
The phone shared the same platform as the Nokia 5110 targeted at the consumer market; unlike the 5110, however, it had the advanced user interface with menu icons (it was the first phone with this new interface that would become the future standard), and featured an infra-red port (once again being Nokia’s first phone with it). It was also the first phone from Nokia to have the popular Snake game pre-installed.
It was succeeded/complemented by the similar but enhanced 6150.

Reviews when released: N/A

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One special edition – D2 Platinum Edition