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Bang & Olufsen

It all started in 1925, when two engineers, Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, began a modest production of radios in the attic of the Olufsen family home, ‘Quistrup’. The company of ‘Bang & Olufsen’ was founded on 17 November that same year by the two young engineers who shared a passion for radio transmissions. Their first product was developed in the attic of the Olufsen’s manor house in Denmark where the family still lives today.

In 1939 they launched the ‘Beolit’, the first radio with a bakelite cabinet. The Beolit was the start of the famous ‘Beo’ prefix being used on all major new products.

1948’s Grand Prix 48CH was the first Bang & Olufsen ‘high-fidelity’ radio.

Since 1989 the Board has been chaired by Peter Skak Olufsen, Svend Olufsen’s nephew and owner of the manor of Quistrup, where the two young engineers in 1925 took up ‘the new radio cult’.

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  • B&O 9500


    Evaluation in my collection: Very good – 9/10


    Life timer: N/A  |  Boxed: NO

    Release Year: 1994  |  Release Price: N/A

    About: One of B&O?s first mobile telephones was created in partnership with Ericsson. The basic design was Ericsson?s while B&O contributed its expertise within sound reproduction. Technically identical to Ericsson?s own model, the B&O version had its own special design feature in the shape of its inclining buttons.

    ” Always there for you but never a burden – BeoCom 9500. Because of its extremely small size and low weight, you could easily forget that you were carrying around an extremely powerful communication tool in your pocket. The pressure chamber loudspeaker gave an extremely clean sound when you received calls.”

    Designed for GSM systems the BeoCom 9500 had a pressure chamber loudspeaker; display, including status indication, a high number of numbers in memory dependant on the SIM card, redial function, volume control, microphone mute, adjustable tone ringer, keypad lock, phone lock, intelligent security lock, battery low warning, SMS, call hold/wait function, CLI (Caller Line Identification), call forwarding and DTMF tones.

    Batteries: Standard battery giving 100 minutes talk time or 20 hours stand-by. Plus battery giving 180 minutes talk time or 30 hours stand-by. Light battery giving 80minutes talk time or 15 hours stand-by. Charging time: 1 – 2 hours depending on battery types

    Reviews when released: BeoWorld

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  • B&O 9600


    Evaluation in my collection: Very good – 9/10


    Life timer: N/A  |  Boxed: NO

    Release Year: 1996  |  Release Price: N/A

    About: Telephones are for speaking into and for listening to, but why stop at that? When Bang & Olufsen developed their own, they were built on the accumulated knowledge of natural sound, the durability of materials and of logical operation and function.

    BeoCom 9600 was a GSM mobile phone in a class of its own as far as materials, manufacture and function were concerned. In spite of its unassuming appearance, it gave the user a loud and clear connection, even in noisy environments and with a card for fax and PC, it gave total mobility.

    Reviews when released: BeoWorld

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  • B&O 9800

    Evaluation in my collection: Good – 8/10

    Life timer: N/A  |  Boxed: NO

    Release Year: 1999  |  Release Price: N/A

    About: Battery chargers for mobile phones are not the most exciting objects in the world, but Bang & Olufsen have a continual habit of making a virtue out of what others see as ordinary. By combining the battery charger with a specially designed holder, BeoCom 9800 suddenly became a mobile phone that users really wanted others to see!

    Weighing less than 100 grams and able to fit snugly in a pocket, the BeoCom 9800 mobile phone was one of the world’s smallest cellular phones when it was introduced, with an equally impressive list of features. Tell it the name of the person you wish to telephone and BeoCom 9800 dialled it. The inclusive BeoCharger combined holder and battery charger in an attractive package.

    Caller ID; Call Forward; SMS; Voice Dial; Call Duration; Call Hold; redial function for last 10 numbers; 90 minutes’ battery talk time with 100 hours standby; graphic display; keypad lock; clock; data/fax connection; 100g with standard battery

    BeoCharger; extra battery; hands-free car kit

    Reviews when released: BeoWorld

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  • Samsung Serenata B&O

    Evaluation in my collection: BNIB – 10/10

    Life timer: 0m  |  Boxed: YES

    Release Year: 2005  |  Release Price: ~1300 USD

    About: Bang & Olufsen and Samsung formed the joint venture with the aim of competing in the high end mobile phone market, primarily competing with several handsets from Nokia. The partnership has drawn on the design strengths of Bang & Olufsen and Samsung’s mobile phone technology enabling Bang & Olufsen to re-enter the mobile phone market after an absence of several years and Samsung to expand into premium mobile phones.

    Reviews when released: Mobile Review |

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  • Samsung Serene B&O

    Evaluation in my collection: Worn – 7.5/10

    Life timer: N/A  |  Boxed: YES

    Release Year: 2007  |  Release Price: ~1200 USD

    About: Serene is a mobile phone produced as a joint venture between Samsung Electronics and Bang & Olufsen. It was released in the last quarter of 2005 in Europe. It was available in select stores throughout the world and cost $1275 (~?1000).A successor to the Serene called the Serenata was announced and released in October 2007. It features a slide out speaker and has a heavy

    Reviews when released: Cnet.com | BeoWorld

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