Nokia 6101


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  • Nokia 6101

    The first Nokia phone to feature such side stereo big speakerphones (11×15 mm)

    Evaluation in my collection: As new – 9.9/10

    Nokia Codename: Ediphix

    Life timer: 1m  |  Boxed: NO

    Release Year: 2006  |  Release Price: ~280 USD

    About: The Nokia 6101, 6102, and 6102i are a line of popular Nokia mid-level clamshell cellphones that operate on GSM-850/1800/1900 MHz (some markets are GSM-900/1800/1900 MHz) frequencies released between middle 2005 and early 2006. The line was given the nickname Ediphix by Nokia employees.

    The differences between the 6101 and 6102 are very small and the only visible differences are the style of the keypads and front bezel plate. The 6102i is an updated version of the 6102 featuring Bluetooth capabilities and increased memory space. Another updated version of the 6101/6102 is the Nokia 6103.

    Announced in 2005, the Nokia 6101 was also one of the last Nokia phones that still had an external antenna.

    Its direct successor is the Nokia 6131, which includes microSD card slot and native USB connectivity.

    Reviews when released: Mobile Review

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  • Nokia 6230i

    Evaluation in my collection: Great – 9/10

    Nokia Codename: MatrixII

    Life timer: 131h  |  Boxed: NO

    Release Year: 2005  |  Release Price: ~400 USD

    About: In early 2005 Nokia released an updated 6230i model (RM-72) which includes a 1.3-megapixel camera instead of a 0.3, 208?208 screen resolution (65,536 colours), a slightly larger display, a raised selection button in the midst of the scroll key, and a modern redesigned menu.
    It is also standard UMS (USB mass storage device class) compliant, i.e. no proprietary drivers are required to transfer data to and from the device’s memory card. It weighs 99 g (including battery BL-5C) and the dimensions are 103 mm x 44 mm x 20 mm, 76 cc.

    Reviews when released: Mobile Review

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