Motorola Startac 130

LI-ON Battery Pack 3.6V

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  • Motorola Startac 130


    Evaluation in my collection: Good – 9/10


    Life timer: N/A  |  Boxed: NO

    Release Year: 1998  |  Release Price: More than 1000 USD

    About: The Motorola StarTAC, first released on 3 January 1996, is the first ever clamshell (flip) mobile phone. The StarTAC is the successor of the MicroTAC, a semi-clamshell design first launched in 1989.[3] Whereas the MicroTAC’s flip folded down from below the keypad, the StarTAC folded up from above the display. In 2005, PC World named the StarTAC as the 6th Greatest Gadget of the Past 50 Years (out of a list of fifty).[2] The StarTAC was among the first mobile phones to gain widespread consumer adoption; approximately 60 million StarTACs were sold.

    Reviews when released: N/A

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