Nokia 6720c


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  • Nokia 6720c

    Evaluation in my collection: As new – 10/10

    Nokia Codename: Eliminator

    Life timer: 11m  |  Boxed: YES

    Release Year: 2009  |  Release Price: ~250 EUR

    About: The Nokia 6720 is a mid-range Symbian OS smartphone released by Nokia. It was unveiled to public in Barcelona and Singapore on February 16, 2009.[1]. It is the successor of the Nokia 6220 classic and features several improvement over its predecessor, such as the addition of A-GPS and noise cancellation. Like the 6220, it offers features comparable to the higher end models, although the Xenon flash previously featured in the 6220 is now replaced by a conventional LED flash.

    Reviews when released: N/A

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  • Nokia 6750 Mural AT&T

    WOW Factor: The Case of the phone is made from 80% recycled plastic

    Evaluation in my collection: Good – 8.8/10

    Nokia Codename: Grouper

    Life timer: 43h  |  Boxed: YES

    Release Year: 2009  |  Release Price: ~90 EUR

    About: Nokia has given U.S. carriers an interesting selection of cell phones over the past few months. We’ve seen quality music phones, quirky square models, and basic handsets just for making calls. The newest device to land on our desk, the Nokia Mural 6750 for AT&T, falls into yet another category. Slim, shiny, and armed with push-to-talk (PTT) and 3G, the Mural has a solid feel, thanks to its metal skin. Its performance was inconsistent, however, and it doesn’t offer anything that we haven’t seen before. The Mural costs $49.99 with a two-year contract and a $50 mail-in rebate.

    Reviews when released: CNET

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  • Nokia N82


    Evaluation in my collection: As new – 10/10

    Nokia Codename: Sharaku

    Life timer: 0m  |  Boxed: NO

    Release Year: 2007  |  Release Price: ~450 EUR

    About: The Nokia N82 is a high-end smartphone produced by Nokia, and announced on 14 November 2007 as part of the company’s Nseries line.The N82 runs Symbian OS v9.2 (S60 3rd Edition, FP1). The N82 inherits much of the Nokia N95’s features and specifications (including GPS, Wi-Fi and HSDPA), with the major addition being its xenon flash. At the time the N82 was called by many as the “best” camera phone on the market.As a result it was sometimes called an N95 successor by some people.
    Like the N95 before it, the Nokia N82 was critically acclaimed and is often considered one of the best Symbian devices,although it did not sell as much and was not available worldwide. The N82 was also perhaps Nokia’s last high-end device in a candybar form, as its successors opted for sliders and later touchscreen devices.

    Reviews when released: Mobile Review

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