Nokia 6600 Fold


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  • Nokia 6600 Fold

    Evaluation in my collection: Brand New Swap – 10/10

    Life timer: 0m  |  Boxed: NO

    Release Year: 2008  |  Release Price: ~270 EUR

    About: There’s no denying that Nokia’s 6600 Fold is eye-catching. Its glossy metal surface and two-tone colouring are bound to stand out on the wall of a mobile phone store amongst the masses of cloned black-plastic handsets. Unlike many flip phones, the Fold is spring loaded and held in place by magnets. On the left side is a ‘one-touch’ opening key that disengages the magnets and flings the top half of the phone upwards. As ridiculous as this sounds there is something genuinely satisfying about answering a call this way.

    Reviews when released: Mobile Review

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  • Nokia 7310 Supernova

    WOW Factor: Fortune Magazine listed it as one of the best products of 2004 while its design was praised by the jury in the iF product design awards for 2005.

    Evaluation in my collection: Great – 9/10


    Life timer: 7 m  |  Boxed: NO

    Release Year: 2009  |  Release Price: N/A

    About: Straight out of the box the 7310 Supernova does look a little distinctive. Its screen is mirrored and the silver plastic number keys also have a mirrored effect so that stylish types can check their coiffure at regular intervals. The out of the box fascia of my review sample was deep blue. A ?candy pink? Xpress-On cover was provided. Don?t go there. Choose the ?wasabi green? bundle instead.

    Reviews when released: Trusted Reviews

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  • Nokia X3-00

    WOW Factor:

    Evaluation in my collection: BNIB – 10/10

    Life timer: 0m  |  Boxed: YES

    Release Year: 2009  |  Release Price: N/A

    About: A multimedia-oriented mobile phone produced by Nokia. It comes with stereo-wide speakers, built-in FM radio with RDS, a standard 3.5 mm audio jack, media player and 3.2 megapixel camera

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