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  • Sony Ericsson Pureness

    WOW Factor: Spectacular transparent screen

    Evaluation in my collection: Great – 9.5/10

    Sony Ericsson Code Name: Kiki

    Life timer: N/A  |  Boxed: YES

    Release Year: 2009  |  Release Price: ~1000 USD

    About: Sony Ericsson has decided to join the club rolling out the Xperia Pureness X5, a model with basic functionality and spectacular transparent screen. It would set you back with about $1,000 and you might well be thinking ?Jeez, it should be able to cook for that amount of cash?, but sadly, this is not the case. What you get for the buck is the feeling of owning an expensive, luxurious accessory and being entitled to certain, premium services.

    Reviews when released: N/A

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